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My Journey

Softness Training
Equine Behaviour

The first evidence that horses had stolen my heart came to light when I was visiting Scotland at just 2 years old.  I disappeared when out on a walk one day, only to be found in a field of horses with my arms wrapped around the leg of a clydesdale!  Since then, the majority of my life has revolved around these beautiful, spiritual animals, in one way, shape or form.


My career with horses started in 1992, when I commenced studies at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy in the New Forest in Hampshire, UK. However, I suffered a riding accident during my time there that damaged my spine and threatened to end my career with horses before it had begun, but following recuperation and much determination I went on to qualify as a BHSAI a year later in 1993.  Having had the opportunity to work with adults with learning difficulties and behavioural challenges, through horses, as well as children with physical disabilities whilst training at the Fortune Centre, I went on to teach freelance over subsequent years with both able and disabled adults and children, acting also as a consultant for several RDA groups across the UK.

Since then, I have spent most of my life learning directly from the horse … first and foremost.  Years have been spent studying horses in feral herds and various domestic environments, as well as undertaking full body dissections and workshops to learn first hand how the horse 'actually' works mechanically and biomechanically.  I’ve seen first hand evidence of how the pressures and environments imposed on the domestic horse damages them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and it is this that has driven me to learn more and more, and to impart my knowledge to as many willing human ears as possible in order to help as many horses as I can to lead happier, healthier, more comfortable and fulfilling lives with their human partners.


I am blessed to have had the opportunity throughout my life to spend many hours working and riding alongside different horsemen and women worldwide - and there’s always been something to learn from every single one of them, even if it’s what NOT to do!!


With 30+ years of experience, I continue to develop my skills on a daily basis, both with my own horses and as a freelance tutor working with many different people, horses, ponies, and even donkeys. 


Over the years I have come across two major causations when assessing horses with behavioural changes or negative behaviour patterns … saddle fit and pain.  I have always tried my best to put forward suitable professionals who could assist in these two areas such that we could help the horses to recover and move forward.  However, having been let down on several occasions in both areas, I, myself, decided to train with Tom Mayes, Integrated Equine Therapies.  Combining modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Kinesiology and SomatoEmotional Release, combined with some Osteopathic techniques, I am now able to assess and treat horses showing a multitude of problems from Cushings / EMS / gastric ulcers / leaky gut / laminitis, right through to front and hind end lameness.  I continue to train with Tom in California as often as possible. 


In addition, a company approached me to become a reseller of their incredibly well considered range of therapeutic saddles.  I have since completed the training needed for this and am now an alternative saddling consultant (predominantly covering France and the Channel Islands).  You can find out more about the saddling consultancy here.


The journey is long and often challenging but the rewards are rich and fulfilling.  

Join me and experience the rewards for yourself.


Happy Trails x

Equine Teacher

Pagan & Me

Pagan was one of my greatest teachers

I am pleased to say that he remains with me

as one of my spirit guides

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