One of the major causations I come across when assessing horses with behavioural changes, or negative behaviour patterns, is that of pain, discomfort and lameness. With the above in mind the most logical thing it seemed for me to do, was to gain the knowledge and skills to treat such horses myself. After much research into differing modalities I decided to train with Tom Mayes, Integrated Equine Therapies, learning a gentle hands on, non-medicinal, approach that releases tensions, restrictions, blockages & dysfunctions deep within the physical body of the horse whether in muscle, fascia, blood, nerves or tissue that surrounds the central nervous system, in order to relieve pain and dysfunction, thereby improving whole body health and performance. I combine modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Kinesiology and SomatoEmotional Release, integrated with some Osteopathic techniques. The main emphasis of my training is centred around Craniosacral Therapy, but I find the efficacy of my treatments to be vastly enhanced by integrating the other modalities.  


This integration allows me to assess and treat the internal organs of the horse too ... which are often found to be the cause of recurring pain in certain areas of the thoracic and lumbar spine, and can invariably be found to be the cause of hind end lameness and many other issues too.  If you have regular treatment for your horse and you find that the same area is having to be treated every time then maybe its time to consider elsewhere in the body’s complex matrix for the cause.


A multitude of problems from Cushings Syndrome / Equine Metabolic Syndrome / Gastric & Colonic Ulcers / Leaky Gut / Uveitis / Lymphangitis / Laminitis / Nerve & Vascular Dysfunctions, right through to front and hind end lameness (and many, many more), are all areas with which I can now assist.  Lets not forget also that horses can suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, just as humans can.  I have helped many horses to let go of the emotional trauma they have been subjected to through no fault of their own, ranging from an emotional weaning experience, right through to serious traumas caused by cruelty, accident / injury, road traffic incidents etc, to name but a few.


Some of my clients like to book periodic treatments for their horses too, simply to keep them in tiptop condition, thereby reducing the likelihood of chronic injury patterns occurring ... particularly in the competition horse.


I will never stop learning, therefore I continue to train with Tom and other mentors / professionals in their respective fields, as often as possible in order to share and learn new and evolving techniques. You can find out more about Tom specifically, by visiting his website

Below are some before and after photographs of a few of my cases.

This 10 year old Thoroughbred had displacement of some of the cranial bones, most obviously around the right eye and frontal bones.  He was clearly in some discomfort ... almost certainly suffering with headaches.

The second photograph was at the end of a single treatment.  

This is the same horse as the TB shown above, during the same treatment. 

The second photograph was at the end of a single treatment following right lung release and respiratory diaphragm unwind.  


This 16 year old Highland x TB had what we call a cranial shear.  In the first photograph you can see that the pony's left eye (L) is lower than her right eye (R).  It should be noted that a shear does not always give the appearance of unlevel eyes.  This condition always affects the endocrine system and I find that the equine is then at risk of going on to develop Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings Disease, or other metabolic disorders, if it is left untreated.

The second photograph was at the end of a single treatment.  

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