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2017 saw the launch of my first Equine Behaviour & Psychology Course which is available on-line with Equine Distance Learning.  This Equine Behaviour course will provide you with knowledge, and an understanding of how your horse thinks, behaves, and responds to training; plus demonstrations and explanations to help you learn basic, but nevertheless valuable, ground handling skills.


However experienced you are, you will take so much from this course, and you will gain an insight into horses that you never before thought possible.

  • Understand where the equine's behaviour and instincts originate from.

  • Learn about how the feral horse behaves in his natural environment and how that impacts on the    behaviour of a domestic horse.

  • Learn about the structure of the equine brain.

  • Understand your horses body language and learn to 'read' him.

  • Discover how horses learn. Find out about habituation, positive and negative reinforcement (please note that negative reinforcement is the removal of a stimulus at the point of the behaviour change NOT creating a negative experience for the horse).

  • Understanding behaviour.  What do different behaviours mean?

  • Management - Are our horses exhibiting certain behaviours due to their environment?

  • Handling horses.  Learn simple but unbelievably effective techniques to ensure your horse is easier to handle on the ground.  You will be amazed how this positively affects the entire relationship    between you and your equine friend.


Whether you are a horse owner, or simply someone who wants to learn and understand the horse you ride, anyone with an interest will find this course of great value.  It will help you to understand and handle your horses correctly, assess the environment in which your horse is kept and make positive changes accordingly, and give you the skills required to approach behavioural challenges in an appropriate way.  As the course tutor, I am on hand to assist wherever necessary and provide guidance if needed.


There are two payment opportunities for this course - pay in full at the time of enrolment or pay in 6x monthly instalments to spread the cost.


Visit to enrol or find out more.

I am currently writing a second course which revolves more around the ridden horse as well as going into a little more depth following on from the first course.  Watch this space for a launch date!


Hands on courses will soon be available in France.  


You can bring your own horse or learn from one of my horses.  

Watch this space for more information and please do contact me if you wish to discuss your interest in attending a hands on course at my facility in Limousin, France.

Courses will include:-

  • Identifying pain & lameness and how you can help your horse with gentle hands-on techniques

  • Equine Behaviour & Psychology Courses - Feral horse, Domestic horse, Ridden Horse

  • Groundwork skills, horse handling and safety

  • Groundwork exercises to correct posture and balance in the horse

  • Promoting softness, suppleness & response on the ground and in the saddle

Bareback Ridden Communication
Pain Assessment
Groundwork techniques
Bridleless Riding