The home of Viki Sheppard
Equine Behaviour Consultant, Integrated Bodyworker & Alternative Saddling Consultant
With respect for tradition but a passion for the "truth"

The question is “What has drawn you to my website?”

The answer could be that you are either inquisitive about furthering your communication with your horse,

or looking for a solution to a situation that presents difficulty, uncertainty, or perplexity. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for an equine bodyworker or saddling consultant?

Whatever your reason, you’re most welcome, so please continue to read on . . .

& Tuition

If you are experiencing some challenges with your equine partner or simply wish to learn further ridden techniques then click below to find out more about the range of services I offer and how I can help you rebalance your life with your horse.

Integrated Bodywork

Equine Craniosacral Therapy integrated with acupressure, kinesiology and osteopathic techniques.

Click below to learn more about these techniques and how they can help your horse.

Saddling Consultancy

If you need some help and guidance with saddle fitting then read on to discover how an alternative approach to this difficult subject can improve comfort and performance for both you and your horse.


I have both hands-on workshops as well as on-line courses available.

Click below to learn more about each of them and how you can arrange your own workshop.

My Journey

You have probably heard the term 'soul mate' within human circles, but have you ever thought you could have the same partnership with your horse?  There is no better feeling.


This is just one of my reasons for following the road I have found myself upon, and I wish to share my knowledge with as many people as possible ... for the good of both horse and human.

Developing communication through trust, respect, understanding and consistency - with open mind, open heart and open hand.

Getting Help

I predominantly cover the UK, Channel Islands and France.

Please do get in touch with me should you wish to make an appointment or discuss your requirements.

Full contact details are listed at the foot of this page.

I am so glad I was introduced to you Viki.  I cannot believe the change in my stallion since you have been treating him.  His digestive system has settled down and he has never felt so good to ride.  Thank you so much.